The Greenray group has a history of delivering high-quality products and excellent service. We work in close partnership with operators, to increase the availability and reliability of your equipment, reducing costly downtime and unscheduled outages.

We provide compressor package operators with a cost effective alternative to traditional service providers without compromising on quality, reliability and safety. The extensive experience gained allows us offer technical support, guidance and advice to assist in the performance of gas compressor packages.

Our experienced engineering and technical team have worked on a variety of gas compressor packages including:

  • Reciprocating
  • Screw
  • Axial
  • Centrifugal

From manufacturers such as Nuovo Pignone, Donkin, Delaval, Sulair, Mycom, GHH, Peter Brotherhood, Elliott, Dresser-Rand, HV Turbo and KK&K.

Mature compressor packages can often require life extension and this can lead to a significant financial burden. The availability and reliability of your gas compressor plant and its increasing maintenance costs is sometimes an initiator to consider the replacement of machines.

The extensive experienced gained by staff employed allows them to identify maintenance regimes, provide whole or part system refurbishments and replacements, and provide a turnkey integrated system approach for equipment installations, life extension, and scheduled/unscheduled maintenance. 

This can include:

  • Both minor and major scheduled overhauls
  • Plant condition monitoring
  • Surveys and analysis.

We offer a complete asset management solution, including the management of spares inventory, project management of major improvement projects, service and overhauls of complete turbines and their associated plant equipment. 

We will supply all specialist supervision, technical labour and specialist subcontractors.

Maintenance, repair and overhaul

The Greenray group of companies has a network of established service centres, developed and built for the sole purpose of providing workshop and field service support for the maintenance and overhaul of gas compressor packages and associated equipment. We offer the full range of maintenance, repair and overhaul services on a wide range of gas compressors within the power generation and mechanical drive sectors. 

Our capabilities include the disassembly, inspection, cleaning and refurbishing of many different elements of the gas compressor package. We can also design and install control and mechanical upgrades to meet your requirements.

Dry gas and barrier seal changes

Many older gas compressor installations utilise oil lubricated seal systems. We are able to offer bespoke upgrades to dry gas seal standard, with the following benefits for your plant:

  • Reduced gas emissions
  • Removal of complex seal oil systems, with associated maintenance cost savings
  • Elimination of parasitic power losses
  • Removal of a process gas contamination risk
  • Reduced use of lubricating oil and associated life extension

Bundle change out and inspection

Our experience also enables us to provide the following:

  • Routine boroscope inspection & maintenance
  • Compressor bundle repair of eroded sections
  • Condition based maintenance
  • Spectrum vibration analysis
  • Compressor uprating
  • Strategic maintenance planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Field performance testing

Control systems and upgrades

We offer complete controls upgrades which help to remove obsolescence issues with ageing components. The provision of system upgrades and retrofits is an important aspect to the operation of a gas compressor package and is the platform to improve operational reliability and remove unscheduled downtime. Old components which cannot be supported present a risk to your operations, as the failure of a single key component could result in system shutdown.

  • Designed using off the shelf rugged industrial components, which reduced inventory and improves spare part availability
  • High Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) statistics
  • Dual redundancy available
  • Access to software upgrades/improvements as the logic is not 'hard wired' 
  • Enhanced operational data and archiving
  • Improved operator interface with intuitive LCD touch screen displays
  • Integration into existing and new DCS and SCADA Systems, along with remote control and monitoring options.
  • Condition monitoring (ideally with instrumentation upgrades)
  • Different levels of parameter access (e.g. Operator/Supervisor/Maintenance)
  • HAZOP/FEED Studies and SIL 2 certification 

Life extensions and engineered solutions

There are a number of problems that frequently arise from old or obsolete parts no longer available for purchase, including unreliability, lack of parts available, limited functionality and incompatibility with other upgrades. Our engineering team and manufacturing facility can address all of these issues and more, finding the right tailored engineering solution for your equipment.

Plant Design Solutions

Gas, diesel and thermal solutions for power generation and mechanical drive applications.

Gas Turbines

Specialists in providing complete refurbishment packages, further extending the life of your equipment

For more information about ITS and our comprehensive range of services please contact us on +44 (0)1522 503300 or