Type Category Description Models affected Date Reference
Service Bulletin Recommended Loose Throttle Valve Seats

This problem has been experienced on Peter Brotherhood (PBL) Turbines.

2017-06-19 ITS/SB/PBL/17-101
Notice to Operators Notification Precautions to avoid a potential cyber attack from Wannacrypt/WannaCry Ransomware on computer systems

All operators, in particular those using unsupported Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows 2000 or in particular XP SP3. Installations where the control system network could be part of a wider network or PC hardware susceptible to external input such as USB sticks.

2017-05-17 ITS/NTO/GEN/17-101
Service Information Letter Information The importance of recording hours, starts and engine history

C-W MOD POD 20,30,40 & 50

2016-01-01 ITS/SIL/GEN/16-001
Service Information Letter Information Rotor blade component life extension

C-W MOD POD 20,30,40 & 50

2014-01-01 ITS/SIL/GEN/14-002
Service Information Letter Information Distribution of service bulletin and other operational related information

C-W MOD POD 20,30,40 & 50

2014-01-01 ITS/SIL/GEN/14-001